This Haunted New York Mansion Has a Terrifying History Behind It

The Most Haunted Mansion

Near the coast of Lake Ontario in New York sits a 19th century Victorian home. The house dubbed Pillars Estates comes with a rich and vibrant history, but also a very haunted one. The house comes with its own ballroom, antique furnishings, and even a crazy-looking skeleton key for the front door. For years the house sat in disrepair until a man named Tony McMurtrie restored it to its original grandeur. However, during the restorations, it’s believed that the original owners made their presence known.

The Most Haunted Home In New York

The house was built in 1878, just a few years after the Civil War ended. So the house is very old and has seen many people come and go. Those who have owned the home can all agree that it is haunted. They think it’s haunted by the ghosts of the former owners of the estate. The reason being is that they’ve seen some of them walking around making their presence known.

Most who have stayed in the house don’t stay too long at all. Those who have owned the house don’t stay in the house at night. It’s one of those places where the past is still alive and well. Would you be brave enough to stay the night after watching the video below?

Video Source – Zillow

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