Strange And Creepy Haunted - United States,Haunted World This New Jersey Tunnel System Is Known As “The Gates Of Hell”

This New Jersey Tunnel System Is Known As “The Gates Of Hell”

This New Jersey Tunnel System Is Known As “The Gates Of Hell” post thumbnail image

The Gates Of Hell

There’s a creepy location in New Jersey known as ” The Gates Of Hell” that many won’t dare go near. It’s located behind the old Black Prince Distillery in Clifton, New Jersey and is riddled with stories of some pretty creepy things. Many say it’s known as the gates of hell because that’s exactly what it is.

I could only imagine any dark and scary tunnel system being called the gates of hell, but supposedly this place is different. Supposedly the tunnel systems drains runs for several hundred feet in 7 layers down into an abyss of the unknown. Many who have ventured down there have found bones thought to be used in sacrificial ceremonies among other satanic things.


There are stories of secret chambers and doorways that lead directly to hell. In one story there’s supposedly a door that is blocked by axes that weight over 1000 pounds and is accompanied by a glowing skull. Others have said that many secret societies have met within the confines of the tunnel.

Today we found a video of an urban explorer that ventured down in to the tunnels on an adventure. Check out the video by Mobile Instinct and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Mobile Instinct

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