A Terrifying Night Inside an Abandoned Mansion Known as “The Devil’s Home”

A Night Inside The Devils Home

Finding an abandoned mansion in the middle of the woods is one thing. But what about finding one that is riddled with satanic writing and symbols, and it still has power? Would you be brave enough to explore it, or would your instincts tell you it may not be wise to stick around that area? I don’t think I would stick around to find out what’s going to happen. Not only would a place like this be potentially haunted, but there are those who could still be lurking in the shadows.

Check out the video we found and let us know your thoughts, would you be brave enough to do this?

Video Source – The Paranormal Files (Official Channel)

I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea to go into a haunted or abandoned mansion like this without some kind of protection. You don’t know what kind of “real life” threat you’re going to face. Then you have to realize you may be potentially walking into a demonic-infested location. You don’t know what kind of forces are at play. It could have taken over the person who was there before you, and it may make them do potentially evil things under their influence.

What are your thoughts on this?

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