11 Paranormal Events Caught On Camera That Will Make You Question Everything

It seems that this day and age there’s a new paranormal video caught on camera just about every other day. Now you also have to think about how many actual phones are out there in the world. So it is possible that people could catch some rather creepy things on camera.

The other side of this is the fact that anyone can get a hold of some decent editing footage and create something with little to no experience at all. The problem is that you have some people creating some fake videos and passing it off as real.

So with all these videos, it’s hard to decipher the real from the fake videos. The other problem is that most of these videos are either terrible quality, or they have something blocking them. But what about the videos that give us chills down our spine?

What about the videos that you keep watching over and over and think to yourself….. Could it be?

We found this video and some of the clips made us kind of chuckle while others made us really look at the clip a few times. Could they be real? If they are it’s pretty horrifying…

Let us know your thoughts after watching it!

Video source – Chills

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