Rent Marie Laveau’s Home From”American Horror Story”:Coven This Halloween

If you love the hit show American Horror Story and you especially love the Coven season, you’re in for a treat. If you didn’t know by now you know that Marie Laveau’s house is an actual place that you can now rent through Air bnb. For those of you who watched the show would you hesitate to rent this home or would you jump at the chance?

The New Orleans home was constructed in 1855 and is said to be one of the most haunted and creepiest houses in the world. Could it be because of all of the voodoo rituals that went on way back when?

The house holds up to 6 gets and you can rent it for a mere $317 dollars a night. Not too bad considering where you’re staying at, that is if you have the guts to stay the night.

Interested in check this out? Look here > Marie Laveau’s house

Check out this video post we found by Sharae Reed and

Video Source – Sharae Reed

Video Source – Kahani Tv

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