Strange And Creepy Christmas “All I Want For Christmas” Voted Most ANNOYING Christmas Song

“All I Want For Christmas” Voted Most ANNOYING Christmas Song

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Let us start by saying that we DON’T hate Christmas in any kind of way. It’s actually our second favorite holiday right behind Halloween. However there are some things that totally bother us about Christmas time. One of those things is Christmas shopping, the other is…… Christmas music. Now we understand that you have to have some good Christmas music, but there’s a time a place for everything.

If you work in any kind of retail or anything similar, you already know what we mean. The same songs played over and over, day in and day out for about a month and a half. While there are some good Christmas tunes that we don’t mind, there are a ton that really grind our gears.

The classics really don’t bother us at all, but when it comes to newer songs, and I mean within the last 20 years that’s where the songs start to get annoying. One of those songs “annoying” songs that we probably would have voted on as well as taken the top spot as most annoying song ever.

Mariah Carey’s All I want For Christmas

Some of you probably want to punch us in the face right now. But that dang song just grinds our gears in so many wrong ways. It’s just something about that song that just makes you want to say… Ok we’re done with this lets get on to Spring.

Well it seems as a lot of people feel the same exact way. Check out this video explaining how people voted this song as the most annoying Christmas song.

Video Source – b/60

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