An Exclusive In-depth Behind The Scenes Tour Of Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum

The Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

Whether you love him or hate him and his work, Zak Bagans has become one of the top faces in the paranormal world. Since the inception of his “haunted museum”, there have been some very scary things going on there. Although we know the location is closed indefinitely at the moment, however we heard he is looking for a bigger and better location for the museum. Even with all of that, the old location had plenty of creepy things going on within it. There were some occasions where people have been pushed, passed out, or fainted for no apparent reason at all.

In some of the videos orbs or some kind of energy can be see prior to the experiences that some are having. Many are saying that it’s negative entities that are attached to some of the diabolical stuff he has in the museum. Others say that it’s all fake and that it’s nothing more than the mind playing tricks on people.

He has a lot of objects that most people would even dare to think about keeping in their house. Could it be that the history behind these objects have attracted some other worldly dark figures? Whatever the case may be, check out this video we found by Entertainment Tonight and let us know your thoughts.

Looking to take a trip to his haunted museum and want to know more about it? Check out this site here > Haunted Museum

Would you be scared to go visit his museum?

Video Source – Entertainment Tonight

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