Who Is Krampus? A Terrifying Look At The Christmas Demon

Image by Gerold Pattis from Pixabay

Krampus Is Coming To Town

The creature known as Krampus comes from a central European legend. It tells the horrifying tale of a horned goat demon-like creature that goes around punishing bad kids. He doesn’t give them a present and then moves on like good old saint nick. He is pretty much the polar opposite of Santa Claus, so where would he live then?

Instead of giving kids gifts or some bad treat to teach them a lesson. Legend says that Krampus would put kids in his bag and take them to his lair. The crazy thing that the original story of Krampus has NOTHING to do with Christmas. Instead, they actually trace back to pre-Germanic paganism within central Europe.

So how did it come together?

It’s not sure when but what is known that December 5th is the night in Germany where Krampus makes his rounds. I can bet even the worst kids have Krampus in the back of their minds right around this time of the year. So what if you’re a bad kid and Krampus doesn’t come, does that still mean Santa is coming?

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