3 thoughts on “A Creepy Look At What Many Call The Most “Haunted” Town In The United States

  1. It's not that Alton is so much haunted, no more so than Batavia, or Elgin, it's that Alton is just Dead, and hopeless, and infected with the gloom of a population that has no energy or desire to raise the town into anything productive ever again. The architecture is beautiful, and it could be a real tourist place, but it's just too pathetic.

  2. If you'd like to learn more about Alton, Illinois and its history — including Elijah Lovejoy, the Underground Railroad, the old Confederate prison and Smallpox Island — you might want to read my book "Abolitionism and the Civil War in Southwestern Illinois" (The History Press: ISBN 978-1-60949-328-8). If ghost stories titilate your fancy, my other book for the History Press, "From Christmas to Twelfth Night in Southern Illinois" (ISBN 978-1-59629-913-9), contains a chapter titled "The Ghosts of Smallpox Island." It's a tale told to me by my great-uncle that deals with the Confederate POWs who fell victim to the smallpox epidemic that broke out in the Alton prison during the Civil War.    

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