This Haunted Abandoned Amusement Park Has a Bloody History

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

Many say that this place is probably one of the creepiest abandoned amusement parks in the United States. The reason being is that it’s said to be cursed and that there should have never been an amusement park on that land in the first place.

There’s always some kind of story of someone passing away at an amusement park, but in this case it’s a bit different. The rides that this place had were your basic rides without any roller coasters.

The way that some of the deaths happened make you think about the curse and if it’s actually real. Some people don’t believe in curses and others do, could there be a possibility that the land is actually cursed?

Maybe it is is and maybe it isn’t, but one thing is for sure, there was a lot of bad things that happened on that land way before that place was even built. Some say that the land was haunted beforehand, and that the owner who built the place was warned against turning it into a fun park. 

Whatever the case this place is still there, it was just left to rot and become part of the land. It’s a grim reminder of a time where there once was a place built for happiness that was set over a land where sadness once prevailed.

Does the past still echo in the wind there? Some say it does and many have seen ghosts in this location. It’s a very spooky place that gives us all a haunted reminder, you decide for yourself if the curse is real or not. 

Check out the videos and see what you think! 


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