55 thoughts on “This Abandoned And Haunted Amusement Park Has a Bloody History

      1. If you have the balls enough to go in there you might wanna cover em when you go in to make sure you still have em when you walk out

        1. If you think you have the balls enough to go in and vandalize that park you might wanna cover em when you go in and vandalize to make sure you still have em when leaving the park

      1. It’s in West Virginia. Google it and you’ll find it. It’s in Mercer County, West Virginia.

    1. It’s in West Virginia I know where it’s at and why they say it’s hunted is because there where army men that died and they buried them there and a little girl also passed away on one of the rides

    2. its in west virginia.Lake Shawnee fans know the facts intimately: a little girl died on the swings and a boy drowned in the pond. All told, roughly 6 visitors died during the amusement park’s brief history. In 1966, the attraction was abandoned. The cheerful turquoise, red and green rides slowly faded and flaked.

    3. It does in the video it says west Virginia you can also Google it Ghost adventures also went there.

    4. Right?! It’s in my home state of West Virginia. You can schedule tours on their website. Google Lake Shawnee WV for more info.

  1. It’s between Becky and Princeton in a small town called Rock West Virginia, on state route 19. I’ve been by it several times but never stopped. I think they open it once a year and that may be around Halloween. Lots of local folk lore about it in the area.

  2. Whether or not its stated if they dont want someone to know about something they shouldn’t bring it up at all. Not stating the location sparks ones interest to look fo it and research more bringing people to this place

  3. It is in the deep county of WV they give tours and shit but you must always contact the landowner tho.
    I’m from WV and still haven’t got to go but I will one of these days .
    There’s a pond and Everything this isn’t even the complete story it’s alot better than this .

  4. The video literally tells you where it is…
    I went there about 2 weeks ago..It was so. ool to see in person.. I had to get my picture and looks from the road..I wish I would have been able to get up close like this… Thanks for this video

  5. Ive lived within an hours drive of this place my whole life and been to bluefield and Princeton hundreds of times and never knew it was there till just a few days ago

  6. So stupid. A bunch of hype, but not a single story. Lame. Let’s write an entire article that leads up to nothing.

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