The Tale Of “Old Book” – The Ghost That Went To His Own Funeral

The Ghost Of Old Book

Bartonville Illinois’s Peoria State hospital has a pretty creepy history and legend surrounding it. Supposedly there was a man by the last name of “Bookbinder” which legend calls him “Old book” that supposedly haunts the area.

Bookbinder worked on the cemetery grounds for years on end. He witnessed numerous people being buried and but eventually his time came as well. Stories say that when his casket was about be lowered into a grave, cries were heard coming from an old oak tree that was directly behind them.

The scary part was that the cries were coming from no one else other than Bookbinder himself.

How could this be?

A lot of people witnessed it and it caused such a ruckus that they even opened the casket to see if the man had actually passed. Imagine going to a funeral and then seeing the man who was supposed to be buried crying behind you.

How would you react?

Since then numerous people have seen the ghost walking around the grounds. Check out the video below we found by SweetOmega and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Sweet Omega

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