This Creepy Manor Is Ranked In The Top 5 Most Terrifying Places On The Planet By Travel Channel

Whispering Estates| The Most Haunted House On The Planet 

Indiana’s notoriously haunted Whispering Estates manor is a creepy location. In fact, it was rated in the top 5 most terrifying places on the planet by Travel Channel. Just about everyone who goes in the house has some kind of paranormal experience. Some have even come running out screaming for their lives. So why is Whispering Estates so haunted? Why is it that this place harbors such negative energy? Check out the video post below.


The Most Extreme Haunted Location

Could the ghosts of the past still be looking for a cure? Could they still be looking for a way out and not even know they are dead? There have been occasions, especially in tragic quick deaths that this has happened. There are those that say they’ve heard the patients of the crazy doctor throughout the location. Some have been touched by things they couldn’t see. Voices have been heard coming from rooms that are supposed to be empty.  When they go and see who is in the room, they end up finding it empty. There have been numerous reports of footsteps and other creepy noises.

In order to be ranked in the top 10 most haunted places in the world, it has to be scary. Would you be brave enough to stay the night within the confines of the house? Would you do it alone or would you take someone with you? What are your thoughts on this place?

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