Welcome To America’s Most Haunted Inn | Myrtles Plantation

Americas Most Haunted Inn| Myrtles Plantation

America’s most haunted inn, The Myrtles Plantation, isn’t called haunted for no reason at all. The Saint Francisville, Lousiana Plantation is a beautiful place from a distance. You can say it’s even more so once you get inside. However, there’s a paranormal side to the plantation. Built-in the year 1796, the Myrtles has had a long and extensive history. The house supposedly harbors 12 resident ghosts. These are the ghosts that make frequent contact with the caretakers throughout its history. Some say there could be a lot more, many of them carrying on in death as they would in life. 

The Paranormal Hotspot 

One of the most well known ghosts is that of a girl by the name of Chloe. She was spotted in between 2 buildings in a photo back in 1992. The eery part is you clearly see there’s a girl not from this era standing inbtween the buildings. An even creepier photo is the one of the girl in antebellum clothing peaking out the window. It’s almost like the girl isn’t human, but some sort of doll/human ghostly figure. Would you stay in America’s most haunted inn?


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