This Washington Hotel Is A Century-Old Haunted Castle You Can Stay At

Manresa Castle, Port Townsend, Washington State

Washington’s Most Haunted Hotel 

Port Towsend, Washingtons’ luxurious hotel Manresa Castle is a sight to see. Built-in 1892, Manresa has a rich and vibrant haunted history behind it. There are numerous reports of ghostly activity within the floors of the castle. There are 3 rooms on the 3rd floor that are supposedly haunted by various ghosts. Disembodied voices, things getting moved, and even full-body apparitions have been seen. The 3rd floor has the bulk of the activity within the hotel. It’s not really known why most of the activity is within the 3rd floor. However, there are other locations that have seen some unfortunate accidents happen on them.

There was a sucicide of a girl among the deaths of a few others. Could these ghosts still be lurking within the castle’s shadow? Could they still be searching for what they were searching for in life? In some instances, guests have heard laughing, talking, and even arguing coming from empty rooms. The cafe is another location where guests have heard and seen some creepy things. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.,

Check out the video! 


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