This Haunted St. Louis Psychiatric Museum Was Once Home To A Patient Who Swallowed 453 Nails

The Haunted Psychiatric Museum

Established in 1874, The St. Joesph Lunatic Asylum opened in city of St Joseph. At the time they opened there were 250 patients in the asylum. From the outside it looked like a place that was designed to help people. But from the inside it looked more like a medieval torture chamber. However the hospital did last 145 years and won numerous awards. The idea for the museum came about in 1968 when an employee by the name of George Glore constructed some things. He recreated a series of full-size replicas of primitive 17-19th century treatment devices. Today those same replicas serve as an integral part of the museum.


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The museum includes tools, equipment, uniforms, notes and much more. Some say spiritual energy is attached to a lot of the old museum pieces and that you can still hear screams. You can also take a glimpse into the minds of the patients through their artwork and drawings. There are other things like pottery and creative works of art many of the past residents created and left behind

The Most Haunted Museum In Missouri

Glore has been named “one of the most unusual museums in the U.S.” and for a good reason. The life like exhibits give you a glimpse into the minds of the real mad men. Some believe the exhibits of these barbaric torture devices are to blame for the ghosts. Could the ghosts of the past be attracted to these devices? Could it bring even more menacing entities within the confides of the museum?

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