The Bar That Pays Tribute To All Things Macabre, Weird, And Horror

Pascal Wiemers

Horror Themed Bar

If you’re ever in the Portland, Oregon area and are looking for something to do and love horror, the Lovecraft Bar is the place to go. The bar has been open since 2011 and is the spot for horror fans who love all things macabre, good food and music.

The bar pays tribute to all things horror. From movies, music, literature, and even art. There’s something for everyone at this place, and they also have a large variety of acts that perform there.

The Lovecraft bar has been voted numerous times for being one of the top 10 best themed bars in the world. The bar is set up like something out of nightmare, well a dream to some. But the best part is that everywhere you look, there’s something to interesting to see and learn about.

They have horror themed drinks that will make your head spin. So if you’re ever in the Portland, Oregon area and need an idea for a cool place to check out, this is it!

Want more information on the bar? Check them out here > Lovecraft Bar

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Video Source – 4GeeksMedia

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