This 150 Year Old Restaurant Is Home To The Ghosts Of 2 Stabbed Lovers

Las Cruces, New Mexico’s Double Eagle restaurant has been called one of the most HAUNTED restaurants on the planet. It’s not because they are a themed eatery that tries to scare it’s patrons. It’s because of it’s rather dark and creepy history.

It was built in the mid 1800’s and saw a lot of historical events. Not much has changed inside of this place in all of those years. And some say many who were frequented the establishment all those years ago haven’t left, even in the afterlife!

There are stories of various hauntings but the most famous is that of the ghost couple. The location is said to be so haunted that even the television show “Ghost Adventures” did an entire investigation of the property.

Some say the place has opened various energy portals that cause different spirits and entities to come in and out of. Others say that the negativity of the tragic events opened something up. And that the door hasn’t been closed, and probably never will be.

Are you looking to visit? Check out their site here > The Double Eagle

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