Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Your Can Stay At The Silence Of The Lambs House This Halloween

Your Can Stay At The Silence Of The Lambs House This Halloween

Your Can Stay At The Silence Of The Lambs House This Halloween post thumbnail image

Silence Of The Lambs House Overnight Stay

Looking for a unique rental to stay at this Halloween? How about something from an iconic horror movie like Silence Of The Lambs? Well if you’ve ever wanted to stay at Buffalo Bills house, now is your chance. The 3 story 4 bedroom home in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania is open for business this Halloween. Those who want to stay will be given access the entire house. Besides the creepy stuff, the house has arcade games, a pool table, theater with an “expansive” VHS and DVD collection.

Guest also gain access to visit the basement which is known as Buffalo Bill‘s “Workshop of Horrors.” There’s also a full-length mirror and kimono for guests to reenact the creepy scene from the movie. A nights stay is surely one you won’t forget, check out the video posts below.

Source – The Sisters Sold It

Silence Of The Lambs House Tour

In addition to staying the night in the iconic horror movie house, they also have guided tours. The tours will take you to areas where the movie was filmed at. If you’re a horror movie fanatic and loved the Silence of the Lambs you’re going to love this experience. Check out their site down below and let us know your thoughts.

CLICK HERE > Buffalo Bills House

Did you know Silence of the lambs Buffalo Bill was based on a real life serial killer? Check otu the video post below we found and let us know your thoughts

Video Source- Infosource Graphics

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