Schneider’s Alley aka Andrews walk

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Schneider’s Alley aka Andrews walk

Every place across the planet is known for having some kind of ghostly legend or tale, most tales usually stay within the community  but some spread out worldwide. Schneider’s Alley in Australia is one of those places that’s shrouded in mystery and ghostly activity.

Supposedly in the early 1900’s a man by the name of Doctor Schneider who live in a place called Clifton Manor where he went absolutely insane after both his wife and child died.

They say that he set up a make shift shelter just outside of the manor where he would conduct some pretty gruesome and horrible experiments on his patients. It’s said that people could hear the screams from up to a mile away coming from that area.

Some claim the entire tree line is filled with the ghosts of the large amounts of people he tortured and killed there, but are the stories actually TRUE or are they just made up?

There are those that say the stories and legends surrounding this place don’t add up. There was even a story of a dismemberment years after his death that was blamed on Doctor Schneider.

Unless his spirit was able to do this it’s impossible for this to have been done by him. While there are claims of some creepy stuff going on here, we aren’t too sure of the validity of some of these stories.

Check out this video we found and let us know what YOU think! 

Check out the video to learn more!

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