Paranormal Investigators Are Flocking To This Creepy Haunted Michigan Cemetery

The Most Haunted Place In Michigan

There’s an old cemetery in Michigan in the Crockery Township by the name of Nunica Cemetery. Established in 1883, the location has a creepy reputation for being haunted. A lot of paranormal investigators have flocked to this location because of its history. Those who have visited have reported some very creepy things going on. from cold spots, floating lights, and orbs. Even creepier is the spirit of a little girl and a Civil War hero. The creepiest one is the apparition of the mysterious lady in white, among many other things.

Nunica cemetery is on the top the list of the most haunted cemeteries in Michigan. Some blame the disrespectful practices and tall tales on all of the activity. There are those who go there and do bad things, some say this is reason for the activity. Could people open up gates to other worlds without even knowing it? Could there be other entities that have disturbed the souls that rest there? Check out the video post and let us know what you think.

Check out this video we found of Nunica Cemetery

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Michigan’s Most Haunted Cemetery

There are rumors of an old Native American burial ground that’s nearby. Some say by disturbing this area that it opened up a whole world of paranormal activity. Some say they have seen the ghosts of Native Americans walking around the area. Some say they are even aware of the living and even take notice of them. Could this all be stories or is there something else going on there?

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