Strange And Creepy Haunted World,The Paranormal This Canadian Hotel Has A Room So Haunted And Creepy It Was Bricked Up

This Canadian Hotel Has A Room So Haunted And Creepy It Was Bricked Up

This Canadian Hotel Has A Room So Haunted And Creepy It Was Bricked Up post thumbnail image

Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

The Banff Springs Hotel In Alberta Canada is a very beautiful place and was built in 1888 at the height of the railway. The hotel looks more like a castle and its awesome view earned it the nickname “the castle in the Rockies.” Although the location and hotel itself are amazing, there are some ominous things about it, like the legend of room 873. There’s a room that isn’t supposed to be there, it’s said to have been bricked up after a wealthy businessman and his family died in the room. Apparently, he killed his family and then took his own life in the process. Other strange things started to happen in the room and that’s when it was decided to close it down for good. 

That’s not the only thing that has happened in the grand hotel. Other tragic things have left a stain in the energy of the location like the time a young bride tripped and fell to her death after her dress caught on fire. There have been other things that have happened to guests leading to their death while visiting the hotel. Numerous guests have reported having some pretty creepy experiences in and outside of their rooms. 

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The Ghosts Of The Banff

Of all the ghosts that still haunt the hotel the most famous is that of the groundskeeper who died at work. Some say they still see a man working that vanishes into thin air. Others have seen him walking the grounds of the hotel, but they say he looks almost as if he is walking in a mist. Could the ghost of the groundskeeper still be lurking there?

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