Strange And Creepy The Paranormal Taxi Drivers In Japan Report Ghost Passengers

Taxi Drivers In Japan Report Ghost Passengers

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Japanese Taxi Drivers Are Claiming They Picked Up Ghosts?

Now this is a bizarre story that some of us have heard of before. Not just in Japan but in various places all over the world. There have been reports of taxi drivers in various places having picked up people only to have them vanish into thin air. The big difference here is that these Japanese taxi drivers are claiming they've picked up Tsunami victims which is very creepy. Now I could totally see this happening because of all the lives that were tragically taken in a moments time. 

Could there be ghosts still roaming the streets?

When you have that many people pass in such a horrible manner in such a short period of time, I believe that many of those spirits aren't ready to pass and maybe even some of them aren't even aware that they've left this life. But the report isn't an isolated thing, there are numerous taxi drivers that have said that they've come face to face with ghosts only to have them vanish into thin air. Imagine picking someone up that's acting really strange only to look back and have them vanish into thin air. 

This would probably be a very disturbing thing to go through if it happened to you, I can only imagine what these drivers are thinking after that happens. It was a very sad time when this happened, and we personally know a few survivors that were there. They were actually saying something about this before this report came out, it's happened in other areas of Japan as well, along some haunted tunnel! 

Anyways check out the video and see what you think! 

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