This Florida Cemetery Is Home To The Haunted Grave Of Bessie The Witch 

The Haunted Grave Of Bessie The Witch 

There’s a grave in Tallahassee’s old city cemetery that’s surrounded by myth, legend, and superstition. The grave belongs to a woman by the name of Elizabeth Budd-Grahm who is also known as “Bessie” the witch. She died in the year 1889 at the age of 23 and left behind a husband and 2 small children. The reason why Bessies grave is so well known is that it’s the most expensive, luxurious, and odd grave in the cemetery. The odd part is that she came from a poor family and at the time of her death her husband didn’t have a lot of money, so how could her grave have been so luxurious? 

There are numerous rumors of how this could have happened, but some say that she put a spell on a rich man that caused him to pay for such an extravagant burial site. There are a few other reasons why some believe she was a witch, for one was the position her grave faces, it faces the west and that was said to go against Christian burial practices. The other thing was the inscription on her headstone, it was a passage from Edgar Allan Poe’s “Elleonora”.  

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 Bessie The Witch


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