The Devils Tree – Florida

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The Devils Tree

The One Tree You Don’t Want To Visit 

There’s an old oak tree that sits in a county park in Port St. Lucie, Florida known as the devil’s tree that has a scary and evil reputation. It’s located in a park that’s frequently used by local fishermen who launch their boats near there.

The story begins on January 8, 1971, long before Hammock County Park was first built,  an ex cop who was also a serial killer sexually molested and mutilated two teenage girls and then hung them from the now haunted oak tree in the park.

The psycho-killer then buried his two victims in a shallow grave beneath the oak. Allegedly the crazed killer returned on several occasions to have his way with the decomposing bodies.

However, the legend and the stories of this place started in 1977 when two men stumbled upon a gruesome scene. They found the skeletons of 2 girls hanging from the tree hanging from a partially deteriorating noose.

The story gets even creepier from here….. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO WE FOUND! 

The Devils’ Tree 


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