This Florida Tree Has A Terrifying History Of Murders, Serial Killers, And The Paranormal

The One Tree You Don’t Want To Visit 

There’s an old oak tree that sits in a county park in Port St. Lucie, Florida known for having a creepy reputation. The location known as “the devil’s tree” is located in a park that is frequently used by local fisherman. From the outside it looks like any other park, but the location is shrouded in horror. The story begins on January 8, 1971, long before the park was ever created. An ex cop who was also found out to be a serial killer was eventually arrested for mutilating 2 teenage girls among killing many others. He would come back to the area to have his way with the bodies.

Eventually in 1977 stories started to pop up, one was about 2 men who had stumbled upon the gruesome scene. They found the skeletons of 2 girls hanging from an old oak tree. The murderer who was also an ex cop had a disturbing childhood. The man even tried to become a priest at one point in his life but was told he “lacked faith.” It’s not known how many people he actually killed near the old oak tree, but some estimate it could have been as high as 30. More than 4 women were found near the tree in shallow graves. They all had signs of traumatic abuse before they were finally murdered.

The story gets even creepier from here….. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO WE FOUND! 

The Devils’ Tree 

Video Source – PraveenMohan

Paranormal Activity And Evil Presence

There are countless stories of hikers and park visitors hearing strange sounds and singing coming from the woods. When people search for the source of the sounds, they can’t find anything at all. Some have seen hooded figures moving around the forest. There are areas in the forest especially near the tree where vegetation doesn’t grow. Some believe the ghost of the serial killer still roams the forest looking for more victims.

Do you think the actions of this monster lead to the evil presence that is now in the area? Do you think they should have blocked off a portion of this place instead of putting a park there? Those who have been there say the energy in the area is off, and that it’s not the kind of place you want to be left alone at.

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