Having This Doll In Your Possession May Be Hazardous For Your Health

The Cursed Doll Joliet 

At first sight, the cursed doll Joliet doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary. It’s a regular porcelain doll that doesn’t even have the creepy old look like other dolls do. However, like Annabelle sometimes appearances can be super deceiving. This doll is said to have a horrible curse that actually traps the souls of children inside of it. Many of you are probably laughing at that, but apparently to past owners and those who have come across this doll, it’s no laughing matter.

According to legend, the doll was passed down throughout the generations to expectant mothers. The curse began when one woman gifted the doll to an expectant mother. The woman who had given the doll put a curse on the doll before she gave it to her because she was jealous. Supposedly 3 days after the birth of her son he died. After the baby’s death cries could be heard coming from the doll.

The Cursed Doll Joliet

Since then, anyone who has been given the doll treats the doll like it’s their own son. Could the curse be real or could it be something that was created out of fear? Check out the video story and let us know your thoughts, would you keep it?

Video Source – VirtualInsanity15 

Do you believe in curses? 

Do you think that some people actually put curses on others so they would suffer misfortune?

Would you take the doll into your possession?

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