An Inside Look At Horrifying Creature Know As The “Grinning Man”

The Grinning Man

There’s a strange correlation between UFO sightings and the grinning man. Many who have come face to face say it’s not a man, and that it’s some kind of humanoid creature that resembles a man. They say that his facial expressions aren’t that of a human. And that they also feel very odd and sometimes extremely scared for no apparent reason at all when talking to this thing.

Many eye witnesses say that it’s some kind of hybrid human or alien creature that aliens have created in order to have face to face encounters with people. The other odd thing is that the grinning man doesn’t come over to ask you questions or give you pamphlets. The creature is there to enforce fear, the visit is usually after some close encounter with a ufo.

Many conspiracy theorist think that it’s a way to detour people from sharing their experiences. I mean wouldn’t you be at least a little bit scared if you just saw a ufo, and then witness some smiling guy who didn’t really look like a guy tell you NOT to say anything at all about your experience?

I would too….

Could our governments be in partnership with these entities, or do you think they operate on another level unknown to all mankind?

Check out the video we found by Creepsmcpasta and let us know your thoughts!


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