Laugh As People Get Freaked Out In The Paranormal Activity Ghost Prank House

The Paranormal Activity Ghost Prank House 

By now most of you have seen the movie Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension. If you haven’t but have seen the others, chances are you gave up on the series. The movie wasn’t the greatest, but it did have some creepy points. It’s almost as if the movie was forced to go into a different realm in order to stay away from what they already did. Anyways, imagine going into a home that was set up like a scene from the movie.
Would you freak out? Would you run out of the house scared? Would you be interested and not that scared?
A lot of people got to find out first hand what the house had in store. And just like we thought, their reactions were what we thought they would be. Imagine walking into a house full of poltergeist activity. I don’t think many of you would stick around to see what is going to happen next. You would probably freak out and want to run out of the house. Would you get mad if you found out someone pranked you, or would you laugh it off?
Check out the video post below and let us know your thoughts

Check out the video 

Source – Paranormal Activity 

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