Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension Prank House

Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension Prank House

The Prank That Was Scarier Than The Movie!

By now many of you have already seen the movie Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension. While in my opinion I thought that this Paranormal Activity movie was the worst one of them all, others of you enjoyed it

Now the best part of the whole thing wasn’t even in the movie, it was the pranks that happened during a promo for the movie. The prank house was were the movie was shot at and of course it was all set up to scare people like it was designed for the movie.

I think if I walked into a house like this and didn’t know it was a prank, I would probably go nuts and freak out as well. I’m into scary movies and all of that good stuff, but when it comes to coming close and personal to some scary stuff, I’d rather stay away from all of that.

How about you?

Check out the video 

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