Entering This Haunted Nightclub Comes With A Warning!

Bobby Mackey’s Haunted Nightclub

In 2006 Bobby Mackeys nightclub was featured on the show “A Haunting” and in 2008 it was also featured on “Ghost Adventures”. The club owner and some of the patrons were also on various talk shows even before that because the club was dubbed “America’s Most Haunted Nightclub”. The reason being is that the location that the night club is in used to be a former slaughter house before it became a night club.

Before the current owner took over the spot the place was in dire condition, no one really wanted it because of the stories. There were supposed murders and suicides and deadly accidents that had happen there. Supposedly the staff has been assaulted by unseen forces and even patrons have seen chair move and glasses fly off of the bar!

There are other stories that Bobby Mackey’s was also a bar before it was a nightclub and that it frequently visited by a pretty rough crowd. There were certain situations that lead to the place being closed down for good, that was until the current owner purchased the place and revamped it up before opening it.

If you’ve ever wanted to check out a haunted night club, this is the place to go!

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Video Source Steve Cote 

Video Source – Beleieve a paranormal experience

Would you be brave enough to check out this place?

Who would YOU take along with you?

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