Wymering Manor House

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Wymering Manor House

Wymering Manor House is the oldest house in Portsmouth Great Britain and it’s actually one of the oldest homes in Great Britain period. It’s said to be Great Britain’s most HAUNTED house and for a very good reason.

The place has been renovated numerous times throughout the centuries, but it’s actually been around since the medieval times, so you can imagine the type of stuff this place has witnessed.

It has seen its share of kings, noblemen, conquerors, common folk, and so on. There have been endless stories and tales of ghosts and paranormal activity have been reportedly coming out of Wymering Manor for the better part of at least 5 centuries if not longer.

  Stories of the ghosts of children, bleeding nuns, and even phantom horses and stage coaches running by and then vanishing into thin air.

Some people have even communicated with some of the ghosts , on some occasions some  visitors  have felt like the ghosts have touched them on the back of their neck and arms.

The fortunate ones whom have stayed the night in Wymering Manor have reported having very odd dreams that felt realistic, some have said that they felt like the dead have tried to communicate with them from the other side via dreams.

Would you stay the night?

Check out the videos of Great Britain’s most Haunted location Wymering Manor House

Source – Ghostly Encounters

Video Source – DeathGonk