Stories Of Paranormal Activity In This Haunted British House Have Been Told For Centuries

Wymering Manor House

The notoriously haunted Wymering Manor House is located in Portsmouth, Great Britain. It’s actually one of the oldest homes in all of Great Britain. It’s also said to be Great Britain’s most haunted house and for a good reason. The house has been renovated numerous times throughout the centuries. Yes centuries, it’s actually been there since the medieval times, so you can imagine how many people have lived there. The location has seen its share of kings, noblemen, conquerors, and common folk. And when it comes to the paranormal, the stories have been coming in for over 5 centuries.

There are enough ghost stories to fill a novel, and some of them are down right terrifying. From bleeding nuns, to phantom horses and stage coaches rushing by only to vanish into thin air. Others have claimed to have communicate with some of the ghosts. On some occasions people have been pushed and scratched. Others have claimed to have been touched or grabbed by something they couldn’t see.

Those who have stayed the night have claimed to have some very odd and realistic dreams. Some have noted feeling really strange when they wake up, almost as if they didn’t sleep at all. Could some of these people slip into another reality during their slumber? Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

Check out the videos of Great Britain’s most Haunted location Wymering Manor House

Source – Ghostly Encounters

Video Source – DeathGonk

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