The Grave In The Middle Of The Road – Indiana

The Grave In The Middle Of The Road – Indiana 

The Grave That Was Never Moved 

We’ve heard of sub divisions and parks  being built over graveyards, but not a grave right in the middle of the road. This is the case of a grave in the small town of Franklin, Indiana.

The grave has been there since the early 1800’s and was recently dug up in order to make improvements to the road and also the grave site. They’re going to re-pave the concrete and make an even deeper level hole.

The grave of Nancy Kerlin Barlett has remained in this location for almost 185 years, and when it was first threatened to be moved her son refused to have it moved. Some decades later a relative of hers threatened a road crew with a shotgun so it remained where it is until this very day!

It’s crazy to think that there’s an actual grave in the middle of the road, and what’s even crazier is the fact that no one ever moved the grave. I’m not saying that they SHOULD have moved it, what I’m saying is that they usually move graves and things of that sort in order to build things. Most of the time they just end up building over it in hopes that no one will ever find out.

Anyways, this is the story of Indiana’s grave in the middle  of the road.

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