Strange And Creepy Haunted Houses And Attractions,The Paranormal Would You Willingly Buy A House That Was Supposedly Haunted?

Would You Willingly Buy A House That Was Supposedly Haunted?

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Would You Buy A Haunted House?

If you were house hunting and had the chance to BUY a haunted house, would you?

If someone gave you the opportunity to live in the house of your dreams for a cheap price, you probably wouldn’t even think about saying no. What if the same house had a history of paranormal activity? What if there was video evidence of something going on within the house that you’re planning on buying, would you still get it? Some of us would say yes, and most of us would probably say no. Check out the video post and let us know what you think.

Video source – Good Mythical Morning 

Buying A Haunted House

There are certain things you have to think about when buying a haunted house. What kind of presence or ghost is actually haunting the house. If it’s a demonic presence, you probably would NOT want to even step foot in that house. Many of you have seen movies where demonic activity spins out of control and claims the lives of the house’s occupants. The other thing you have to think about is your family, you wouldn’t want to place them into a situation where things could get out of hand quickly, would you?

What’s the history behind the house? Did the house some terrible tragedy happen or were there murders or something else? These are also things you have to think about. There could be forms of residual energy playing like an old movie. Then again the hauntings could be more menacing and aware of the living. That’s when things might get out of control with no way back.

Video Source – Lindsey Family

Do you Have To Disclose Whether A House Is Haunted Or Not

Have you ever wondered if you had to disclose whether your house is haunted or not? Phenomena stigma, it’s wherein many jurisdictions but not all have to disclose whether your house has some ghostly stuff going on. Are there people who have a haunted house that DON’T disclose it? I’m certain this happens all of the time however, this could get a bit messy if the ghosts or entitles in the house are malevolent. I don’t know about the legal actions behind this, I guess it just depends on the state and area you live in.

Sometimes people are oblivious to the fact that they have some kind of entity residing within their home. They may live for years in a place that has paranormal activity going on and not bat an eye. They may dismiss it as an old house that creaks and cracks a lot and nothing more. But what about when the phenomenon takes a turn for the worse? We don’t understand what goes on in the afterlife so we don’t know how it all works. So one person may think there’s nothing wrong with the house when in fact it may be bad for the next person.

To Buy A Haunted House Or Not

Ultimately the decision is yours when it comes to buying a house that’s haunted or not. If a house is haunted and you’ve heard stories that the house is haunted and you buy it, it’s on you. You have to think about who is moving in the house with you and how it will affect them as well. What may not affect you may be bad for someone else that’s moving into the house as well. Children, the elderly, people with mental problems, and so on can be affected by these entities or ghosts in certain situations. So at the end of the day think about the implications that something like this may have on you and your family.


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