Strange And Creepy The Paranormal The Ouija Board – A Device For Evil Or Just A Game?

The Ouija Board – A Device For Evil Or Just A Game?

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Is The Ouija Board A Game?

“Ouija, The Wonderful Talking Board,” was first seen in advertisements in the year 1891. Even a paper out of New York said the Ouija board was ‘”interesting, mysterious, and testified,” something that was considered fun and the highlight of the night in those times. Nothing has really changed in all these years expect the board is made of cardboard instead off wood. The planchette is also plastic instead of wood, other than that it’s never changed.

The crazy part is that no one really knows the full history and where the board actually came from. What we do know is the board popped up in the 19th century, an era that was abundant with spiritualism and contacting the other side. A well known duo by the name of the Fox sisters made usage of the board popular. Their claims of being able to communicate with the other side made the idea of it all intriguing to a lot of people. This was during a time where people didn’t live very long. So a lot of people were trying various ways to hold their own seances and open communications with the other side. But was it all fun and games, or was there something far more sinister happening all over the United States? ‘

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Is The Ouija Board Evil?

There are many cases of things happening, sinister things after someone uses a the board. In just about all cases, they always come back and say, the biggest mistake they ever made was to mess around with the board in the first place. Could the board be an open communication on a channel frequented only by demonic entitles and dark entities? Could this be a portal to a dark realm that we don’t know about. It’s odd how no one really knows the real and true origins of the Ouija. We only know who introduced it and around the time it was first introduced. So could there be a sinister origin, one of trickery as a hidden curse disguised as some pseudo gift to the world?

The Ouija history 

Ouija Gone Wrong – Video Source- LiveSciFi

The Device To Talk To Spirits

Some claim that the board is nothing more than the mind at work, that we can produce things with our thoughts and intentions. However, there have been so many stories of odd and evil things going on when someone uses the board, it’s hard to dismiss. There were always be those who don’t believe in something unless they have an experience with it. Even then sometimes they don’t believe it and dismiss it at something the mind has produced. However, we have to think about the fact that there is always going to be things in this world that we can’t explain. Our problem as humans is that we think we know all there is to know about life and whatever that happens after, but we don’t.

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