Ouija Board – Do you believe it’s real or is it just a game?

Could It Be Evil?

The Ouija board, otherwise known as the “Witch board” popped up as a toy in the late 1890s. It’s always been debated whether it’s a toy or a communication device for the dead. Countless stories of evil entities brought forth from the board have told, but are they true?

The real history behind it is still a mystery. Story has it that it was a party game, something to get people excited. Others say it came from something far more sinister. What is know is that it came about in the mainstream during the late 1800s.

Stories of a similar type of board have stretched back centuries, if not further. You’ll have the people who believe it’s a toy, while others think it’s a device for evil.

We’ve heard too many stories from credible people about the horrors of the board. Although we have not used it, we have chosen to stay away from it. Check out the video below and let us know YOUR thoughts…

The Ouija history 

Video Source- OKPRI

Ouija Gone Wrong – Video Source- LiveSciFi

Now after watching these videos answer these questions…. 

Do you believe the Ouija board is just  GAME or do you think it’s REAL?

Would you USE the Ouija board?

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  • stan-in-usa

    Epic fail. I just knew that Ouija board stuff is a load of crap. The Ouija board theory is actually simple. The subconscious mind directs the hands to inadvertently move the device, thus producing what the person wants to know.

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