The Story Behind The Most Haunted Home Arkansas – The Allen House

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The Allen House

The Allen House was built in 1907 in Monticello, Arkansas for a family that was in the timber business. The house is a monster of a house, it’s over 9,000 square feet and has 16 rooms inside of it.

The family who lived in it was your ordinary family, but things didn’t stay so ordinary as luck would have it.The family was struck with numerous tragedies throughout the years and the house was left with some rather sad and odd energies.

As time went on so did the owners and in the mid 50’s it was transformed into apartments. The tenants at that time complained that the house was severely haunted, it was almost to the point that no one could actually sleep within the house.

It was almost as if something or someone didn’t want others to stay within the house at night, maybe it was someone on the other side haunting the home because they still felt like it was theirs. 

The tenants at the time heard strange noises like banging on the walls and crying coming from various rooms. There was one room in particular that people stayed away from, it was said that the temperatures in the room would always be different from all the other rooms in the house.

Other people said they saw the ghost of the former owner walking around the halls and outside on the property. Some people complained of being touched or pushed on some occasions by an unseen assailant.

The house is currently occupied and the current owners actually offer a history tour of the residence and also a haunted one. You can even stay the night in the house for a small fee, would you want to stay in this house?

Check out the videos of a family that lives in the Allen House 






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