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This Houston Homes Halloween Decor Has Over 200 Creepy Dolls

Halloween Island Of Dolls If there’s one thing that most of us can all agree on is that dolls can be really creepy. A Houston couple ended up running with that idea and created their own creepy Halloween island of dolls. Imagine going by a

An Inside Look At The Worlds Strangest Restaurants You Can Visit This Halloween

Restaurants To Visit This Halloween With Halloween coming soon, most of you are looking for options on how to spend the spooky weekend. With Covid showing no signs of slowing down, a lot of people wondered if Halloween would even happen or not. While some

This Intense Halloween Ride Takes You Flying Like a Witch On A Broom

Flying Like A Witch On A Broom If you’re lucky enough to be in Vancouver, Canada from now until November 1st, you’re in for a treat. For those of you who would love to experience flying on a broomstick like a witch, now is your

You Can Spend Halloween Night Locked In a Haunted Jail Escape Room

The Haunted Halloween Escape Room If your idea of Halloween is spending the night in an escape room, this is right up your alley. Located about an hour from Toronto in Cobourg is the King George Inn. It’s the only escape room you can stay

You’ll Have A Spooky Good Time With These Hocus Pocus Themed Cupcakes

Hocus Pocus Themed Cupcakes It’s almost that time of the year where the goblins, witches, and creepy creatures get to play. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and we get to enjoy spooky ghoulish treats. So in order for you to get ready

A Safe And Awesome Alternative Halloween Activity For Kids

Halloween Egg Hunt With so many places cancelling Halloween events and trick or treating because of the Covid19 pandemic. We have to find safer alternatives for our children so they can still have a lot of fun during Halloween. So we’ve been searching a lot

The 18+ Escape Room Where You Try To Escape A Serial Killers Camp In The Woods At Night

The Serial Killer Escape Room If you haven’t been to an escape room by now, you’re missing out. If you have you’ve probably noticed that they keep getting more complex and immersive as the years go on. This escape room has taken it to a

The Halloween Candy Slide May Have Saved Trick Or Treating This Year

The Halloween Slide With Covid-19 showing no signs of slowing down, we have to find ways to celebrate Halloween in a safe manner. People have been practicing social distancing, washing their hands, and taking other preventative measures. Those measures are now being used in creative

People Are Carving Pineapples For Halloween And Here’s How To Do It

Pineapple Halloween Lanterns The newest trend seems to be Pineapple Halloween lanterns and they’re really cool. Each year people keep finding new and exciting ways to celebrate Halloween. A few years back it was Halloween Wreath, and then it was the Doll in The Hall.

There’s A Tim Burton Themed Creepy Halloween Drive-Thru Experience Coming This October

Tim Burton Themed Halloween Event If you’re lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles, California area during October, you might want to listen up. Freeform the channel that brings all of the Halloween movies during the month of October is setting up a drive-thru