There’s A Haunted Medieval Style Castle In Ohio You Can Explore

The Loveland Castle

Ohio’s Haunted Castle

The last place you would think to find a medieval castle would be in the Midwest in the small town of  Loveland, Ohio. Chateau Laroche aka The Loveland Castle was built as a reminder of the strength and honor the knights had during the dark ages. The castle is a replica of a medieval castle built by a man named Harry Andrews. Mr. Andrews built the entire castle from milk carton molds and lots of stones from the river. He even went as far as flattening the land for a garden and even created his own drainage system, the entire castle took him 50 years to complete! 

Now how many of us would take on such a task as this?

A view of the castle from a drone by Robert Mcmillian 

Video Source – Robert Mcmillian 

A ghost hunt at Loveland Castle 

Video Source- ParanormalAnswers

The Haunted Midwest Castle

Harry Andrews started the castle in 1927 as a side project but eventually, it became a full-time venture. He kept working on it while also using the place for his boy scout troop which he was the headmaster of. Eventually, the castle was completed and he gained fame for his awesome creation. Unfortunately, he died from severe burns from an unfortunate accident that was caused by either burning trash or cooking on the roof of the castle. There’s also another story of a woman who was killed during a moonshine explosion. 

Beyond all of the spooky stuff, the castle is an amazing place to visit. The amount of hard work and determination behind the project is beyond comprehensible. I mean imagine creating your own castle out of virtually nothing and then still be working on it almost 50 years from now?

Even better is the fact that there’s an actual castle in Ohio of all places. The last place you would actually think to find a castle isn’t in the Midwest. So if you’re ever in the Loveland area and want to visit a castle, Chateau Laroche is it. 

Want to visit the Loveland Castle or more information on where it’s at? Check out their site here >>> 

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  1. Found this interesting however the team should not go in as a group instead separate into groups of two to keep from being intimidating for spirit. Also team could use better equipment. Some of the sound was very faint and camera was not in focus and shaky.

  2. They moved around and talked way too much. This was a poorly done investigation. There are too many people in one spot. However very interesting.

  3. if it took him 50 years to build and using milk cartons to make bricks I wouldn’t want to leave my place either

  4. I just happened to be looking at some pics of a castle and decided to scan the comments, which isnt something i do very often. This is the first time ive ever been motivated to weigh in based on what i read. For what its worth i feel that this conversation exemplifies one of the biggest problems in the world today, INTOLERANCE. whether a person happens to be christian, bhuddist, ISLAMIC, etc, they are entitled to believe whatever they want. Its at the foundation of what makes the US a great place to live. But more and more when i look around i see intolerance and narrow minded people forcing their views on others at the heart of whats wrong in the world. For the record im highly spiritual, NOT religious, and totally believe in ghosts. Spread love poeple, not intolerance

  5. Sounds interesting. Just to be able to walk around in it would ne amazing. I’m like others, how much does it cost?

    1. I toured this castle. I dont remember the price but I know it was inexpensive. Less than $20/ person. Very very ingenious how he built the castle.

  6. I visit this place over,30 years ago. Our drivers ed instructor was also a history teacher . Great place and the story about the builder was cool.
    Thanks mr ellis Turpin high school

  7. I grew up there and knew Harry well as a child . I was always fascinated watching him work . My brother David at times would help him. It does my heart well to know his dream is completed and done as he dreamed. Im sure he is there .

  8. Look… It’s cute and all that they want to play “haunted castle”, but there’s nothing to indicate a reason it would be haunted at all. The guy that built the castle did so, it took him a long time, gave himself knighthood, and listing himself as “Sir” as a prefix to his name. It was a cool feat of solo engineering, but that doesn’t make it haunted. Not to mention, they’re the worst crew ever to make videos; I couldn’t even make it five minutes of watching their poorly created video of a supposed haunting. I’ve been to the castle, and the haunting bs is just a ploy to attract people, nothing more. It’s a lovely property and building to wander around and explore, but eliminate the “haunted” aspect. You want more bang for your buck on that in Ohio? Molly Stark Sanitarium, Mansfield Reformatory, and so many other places that would legit scare you – just on actual history alone, and then add the haunted angle, and it becomes doubly interesting.

  9. As a child my parents took me and my siblings to visit the castle. The gentleman was a kind man and showed us how he would make the bricks from then paper milk cartons and cement. A lot has been accomplished and added to the castle since my last visit in the late 70s early 80s.

    1. I remember my parents taking my brother and I there when we were kids. It was the coolest place. My brother and I would go off and explore , while my parents hung out with the owner. It was free back then. He loved to show off the castle. I remember going down to the dungeon. In one of the cells was a full skeleton. It scared the crap out of me. I thought it was real. We went there a lot. After he died, it wasn’t the same. They started charging to get in.( I think the city took it over and used it for a tourist attraction) They also made some areas off limits.

  10. We got married there outside in May of 2000. I don’t think it’s haunted at all. It’s beautiful there in the spring with all the peony’s and flowers blooming. Recently I read that it was $5 per person to tour the inside. It’s one of my favorite places to visit.

  11. Just to let you know the man’s name who built the castle is Harry Andrews, not Harry Anderson.

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