Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained There’s A Haunted Medieval Style Castle In Ohio You Can Explore

There’s A Haunted Medieval Style Castle In Ohio You Can Explore

There’s A Haunted Medieval Style Castle In Ohio You Can Explore post thumbnail image

The Loveland Castle

Ohio’s Haunted Castle

The last place you would think to find a medieval castle would be in the Midwest in the small town of  Loveland, Ohio. Chateau Laroche aka The Loveland Castle was built as a reminder of the strength and honor the knights had during the dark ages. The castle is a replica of a medieval castle built by a man named Harry Andrews. Mr. Andrews built the entire castle from milk carton molds and lots of stones from the river. He even went as far as flattening the land for a garden and even created his own drainage system, the entire castle took him 50 years to complete! 

Now how many of us would take on such a task as this?

A view of the castle from a drone by Robert Mcmillian 

Video Source – Robert Mcmillian 

A ghost hunt at Loveland Castle 

Video Source- ParanormalAnswers

The Haunted Midwest Castle

Harry Andrews started the castle in 1927 as a side project but eventually, it became a full-time venture. He kept working on it while also using the place for his boy scout troop which he was the headmaster of. Eventually, the castle was completed and he gained fame for his awesome creation. Unfortunately, he died from severe burns from an unfortunate accident that was caused by either burning trash or cooking on the roof of the castle. There’s also another story of a woman who was killed during a moonshine explosion. 

Beyond all of the spooky stuff, the castle is an amazing place to visit. The amount of hard work and determination behind the project is beyond comprehensible. I mean imagine creating your own castle out of virtually nothing and then still be working on it almost 50 years from now?

Even better is the fact that there’s an actual castle in Ohio of all places. The last place you would actually think to find a castle isn’t in the Midwest. So if you’re ever in the Loveland area and want to visit a castle, Chateau Laroche is it. 

Want to visit the Loveland Castle or more information on where it’s at? Check out their site here >>> 

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