Strange And Creepy Halloween Could We See Haunted Drive-Thru This Halloween?

Could We See Haunted Drive-Thru This Halloween?

Could We See Haunted Drive-Thru This Halloween? post thumbnail image

A Different Kind Of Haunted House

A Japanese horror event company has come up with a creepy new way to scare people in the form of a drive-thru haunted house. Halloween is only 4 months away and sadly a lot of Halloween events have already been canceled.

Kowagarasetai, the Japanese horror event company has created a drive-thru haunted house in response to the virus outbreak. You’re trapped in a car and scream as loud as you want. You’re swarmed by zombies and monsters trying to get you, will you make it out alive?

Producer Kenta Iwana states the following:

“At the drive-in haunted house, guests are confined in a car so they can’t escape the horror until the end. It makes it even scarier for them.”

Iwana developed the drive-thru idea after losing almost all of his clients during the COVID crisis.  Japan’s summer months are known for being the season of “Kaidan” or ghost stories. It’s a prime time season for horror-based movies and television shows.

People who visit the drive-thru horror event will be given a recording to play prior to the experience. Then you have to honk your horn 3 times in order to start the horror thrill. The entire thing lasts about 20 min and will cost 8,000 yen or about $75 dollars per car in US money.

Do you think this style of haunted house will be coming to the U.S this year? How do you thin Halloween will be affected by the virus? Will you be partaking in any Halloween events or will you be skipping out this year?

Video Source – TRT World

Video Source – AFP News Agency

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