Cow Emerges From Ocean, Could This Be The Strangest News Of 2020?

The Year Of Odd News

2020 has been one of those years we all would like to forget about. When you think things can’t get any stranger, each month brings us something crazier. First, it was squirrels catching the bubonic plague. Then killer kittens and a French bulldog who could do the splits.

We can forget the story about a naked man who chased a wild boar who stole his laptop. Wait what? If you thought was all odd, this one is going to leave you scratching your head. A video of a cow coming out of the ocean emerged not too long ago on Instagram. No one knows how the heck the cow got in the water and where it was going.

Video Source – Everything Outside

The Strangest Year In History?

The cow gets out like he’s just going for a dip in the ocean before heading back to the beach. Check out the video Signs of the end times? Some say there are way too many things going on for one of these things not be a sign. The only signs it’s giving us is that this year is a mess and we need to start over.

Then again next year will probably be more of the same thing, but who knows. What is odd is the fact that a cow is coming out of the water. Then again who knows if the cow lives close to the beach and it’s just something it’s used to doing.

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