2 pythons weighing 100 pounds collapse kitchen ceiling in Australia

Pythons In The Kitchen

An Australian man had the shock of his life when he returned home from work. He walked into the kitchen and saw that his ceiling had collapsed under the weight of 2 huge pythons. Apparently, the 2 pythons were fighting over a female when the ceiling gave way.

David Tait of Lacey Creek in Queensland’s stated the following. “I knew we hadn’t had rain, so I looked around to find what had caused it,” Tait told Nine Network television. It didn’t take long to find what caused the collapse. There were 2 non-venomous carpet pythons about 9 foot in length and 100Lbs each. One was in the living room and the other was found in the bathroom.

Video Source – Breaking News

Snakes In The Kitchen

Talk about insane, what would you do if you walked into your house and saw that? Check out the video we found The snakes were caught by a snake catcher and were taken to a safe place.

The snake catcher had this to say. “I would assume that it was two males fighting over a female that was nearby in the roof,”Brown said. The scary part is that the female was never found, so she could still be hanging around. Or there’s a possibility that she also found her way inside of the house but still hasn’t been found. Whatever the case may be, if you don’t like snakes, don’t go to Queensland, Australia.

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