Did Annabelle Escape The Ed And Lorraine Museum?

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Did Annabelle Escape The Ed And Lorraine Museum?

There was a creepy rumor that evil doll Annabelle escaped the Ed and Lorraine Museum. The reality of the matter is that the doll did NOT escape the museum. There were all kinds of rumors flying around that she escaped the museum and was about to wreak havoc on the world. With all the madness this year, that’s the last thing we would want to happen. However, the doll is still in the museum and still inside of the protective case.

Check out this first video from the man who is responsible for the museum explaining that the doll is still in fact in the museum.

Video Source- Official Ed and Lorraine Warren Channel

What If Annabelle Escaped The Museum

Most of you have seen Annabelle or something that has to do with the Conjuring series. You know by now that the doll in the movie isn’t the same doll. What some of you don’t know is that the real doll is the real deal when it comes to horrifying situations. So what if Annabelle got out, what would or could the doll do? It’s anyone’s guess what the doll would do or be capable of.  If this question was on your mind like ours, check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

What If Annabelle Escaped The Museum

Video Source – LifesBiggestQuestions

Do you believe the stories about Annabelle or do you think it’s all made up? Would you be brave enough to keep the doll for a week if you were able to? 

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