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5 Extremely Haunted Places In Salem You Have To Visit

5 Extremely Haunted Places In Salem You Have To Visit post thumbnail image

Exploring the Haunted History of Salem

Salem, Massachusetts is a city steeped in history and known for its infamous witch trials of the late 1600s. But beyond the tourist attractions and colorful storefronts lies a darker side to Salem’s past. The city is home to several haunted locations that are believed to be inhabited by spirits from centuries ago. Whether you’re a believer in the paranormal or simply curious about Salem’s eerie history, this guide will take you on a journey through some of the most haunted places in the city. From the Witch House to the Old Burying Point Cemetery, prepare to discover the dark side of Salem.

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Haunted Places In Salem To Visit

The Witch House: A Chilling Reminder of the Salem Witch Trials

In the heart of Salem lies a chilling reminder of the town’s dark history: The Witch House. This 17th-century home belonged to Judge Jonathan Corwin, one of the judges who presided over the Salem Witch Trials. It is believed that he used this house as his office during the trials and that some of the accused witches were brought here for questioning.

The Witch House is now a museum that offers visitors a glimpse into what life was like during the witch trials. You can see the judge’s chambers, where he would have interrogated the accused, and learn about the various methods used to determine guilt or innocence. The house is also said to be haunted by the spirits of those who were wrongly accused and executed.

Many visitors report feeling a sense of unease or even being touched by unseen hands while inside the Witch House. Some have even reported seeing apparitions or hearing strange noises. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is no denying the eerie atmosphere of this historic site.

The Hawthorne Hotel: Ghostly Guests and Mysterious Happenings

The Hawthorne Hotel is a historic hotel located in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts. Built in 1925, it has been a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. However, many guests have reported strange occurrences during their stay. Some have claimed to see ghostly apparitions wandering the halls, while others have heard unexplained noises in their rooms.

One of the most famous stories associated with the hotel involves the 6th floor. Legend has it that a young bride committed suicide by jumping out of one of the windows on her wedding night. Since then, guests have reported seeing her ghostly figure wandering the halls in her wedding dress.

Another common sighting is that of a man in a top hat and tails. He is believed to be the ghost of a former hotel employee who died in the building. Guests have reported seeing him walking through walls or standing at the foot of their bed.

Despite these spooky tales, the Hawthorne Hotel remains a popular destination for those seeking a haunted experience. The staff even offers ghost tours of the hotel, where visitors can learn more about its eerie history and possibly even encounter some of its ghostly inhabitants.

The Old Burying Point Cemetery: Resting Place of Accused Witches and Other Spirits

The Old Burying Point Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Salem, dating back to the 1630s. It is the final resting place for many notable figures from Salem’s history, including accused witches and other prominent citizens. Visitors to the cemetery have reported strange occurrences, such as unexplained cold spots and eerie feelings. Some have even claimed to see apparitions of figures dressed in colonial clothing wandering among the gravestones. The cemetery is a must-visit destination for those interested in the paranormal and the history of Salem. However, visitors should be respectful of the graves and the spirits that may still reside there.

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