The Mysterious disappearance of the Anjikuni people

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The Mysterious disappearance of the Anjikuni people

Where did they go?

The mysterious disappearance of the Anjikuni people is one of those strange stories that’s been talked about since the 1930’s. A Canadian trapper claims to have stumbled upon a village that was completely deserted. Now the problem with this is that the trapper claims that it looks like everyone was just there but they simply vanished into thin air. 

What was even stranger was the fact that the graves located in the village had their tops removed and the bodies were missing. Could the Anjikuni people have been scared of something and left, but that doesn’t explain why the bodies from the graves were also removed. Could it have been something paranormal that took them to some other realm? It’s highly unlikely but who knows, what could cause an entire group of people to vanish into thin air?

Check out the story of the strange disappearance of the Anjikuni people 

Video Source – Daily Strange News 

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