The Mysterious Disappearance Of A Tribe Of People Who Vanished Into Thin Air

The Mysterious disappearance of the Anjikuni people

The Mysterious disappearance of the Anjikuni people

The mysterious disappearance of the Anjikuni people is one of those strange stories that’s been talked about since the 1930s. A Canadian trapper claims to have stumbled upon a village that was completely deserted. Now the problem with this is that the trapper claims that it looked like everyone was just there moments before he arrived. However, after some extensive searching, he couldn’t find anyone at all. Even the graves located in the village were empty. There were a lot of other odd things that seemed out of a place, almost like they just vanished into thin air.

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An Alien Agenda

Could the explanation for this be otherworldly? For centuries tribes across the world have their own stories and versions of the “sky people” and visitors from other places. Could the tribe have been chosen by something otherworldly and been taken away? Or could there be another explanation for what was going on? Some say the story was all made up, but for what purpose would someone make up a story like this?

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