Spontaneous Human Combustion

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Spontaneous Human Combustion

Have you ever thought of the possibility that you could become a victim of spontaneous human combustion? SHC is when the body actually BURNS from the inside out, everything burns up except for a foot or a hand. The fire is fed by burning off the fats from within the body, so once the fats are burned off the fire rapidly goes out, that would explain why nothing else catches fire.

Or Does? 

 What Causes Spontaneous Human Combustion?

It seems as if the common traits in those who have died from Spontaneous Human Combustion are that they’re  heavy drinks, smokers, overweight, elderly women for some reason. However there are cases that have happened that don’t have any correlation to any of those traits and just seemed to  randomly happen. But what about the extreme heat caused by it and why doesn’t it ignite anything else in the room that these people were in?

Video Source – GOOD VIDEO 

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