The Horrifying Experience Of Nightmares You Can Wake Up From

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Why Do Have Nightmares?

When You Hate To Sleep 

We’ve all woken up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. We’re breathing hard and looking around as if something were chasing us. After a few seconds we realize we’re safe and sound, but we still can’t shake the feeling of what we just experienced. Sometimes these dreams are so bad that we don’t want to go back to bed, so we end up killing time and get up and do something else. 

We end up feeling miserable that day and the only thing in our mind is that terrible dream, depending on how bad it is we sometimes NEVER forget that one dream, but why is that? Why do we even have nightmares and what’s their purpose, why must we get so scared when we’re sleeping? Some argue that we enter another realm during our sleep and sometimes we don’t like where we go. 

Others argue that it’s just our day or past experiences popping up playing like a movie that we don’t want to see. Whatever the case we can all agree that we HATE nightmares! 

If you’ve ever wondered WHY you have nightmares, check out this video! 

 Check out the video….

Source – DNEWS

What’s the worst Nightmare that YOU’VE ever had?


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