An Inside Look At The Nightmare Before Christmas Truck

The Nightmare Before Christmas Truck

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Disney’s biggest sellers via movies, products, and so on. Even though the movie is almost 20 years old it hasn’t lost its buzz, actually it’s getting even more popular as the years go on.


There have been rumors of a new movie, but nothing has been confirmed and it’s all hearsay as of right now. In the meantime die hard fans are turning anything everything they can into something from the movie. We’ve seen cakes, flower bouquets , houses and so many things that people have turned into something themed from the movie, but not like this.

This car is beyond detailed, it’s insane how much detail is in this car. Everywhere you look on this car you see something out of the movie. The colors, the characters, all of it is amazing.

Check out the video we found by S7 Touring and let us know your thoughts

Video Source – S7 Touring

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