Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained This Kansas City Halloween Pop Up Bar Is In An Old Morgue

This Kansas City Halloween Pop Up Bar Is In An Old Morgue

This Kansas City Halloween Pop Up Bar Is In An Old  Morgue post thumbnail image

The Halloween Pop Up Bar

If you’re in the Kansas City area and love Halloween, you’re in for a surprise. The popular group Apparition is back this year with their Halloween pop-up bar. The event will take place in a former morgue, the basement even still has a crematorium. Each year Apparition likes to put on a month-long Halloween party. This year’s event will involve Dracula, be cautious because vampires will be around.
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Some videos from previous years’ events.

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Video Source – KCTV NEWS

The Pop Up Halloween Party

The Halloween pop-up bar will display some pretty crazy and interesting adult-themed drinks. Drinks like the Xenomorph and the Nosferatu, you won’t find drinks like these anywhere else. Just entering the location is going to be creepy enough. Keep in mind you’re in a morgue, so the possibility of some “real” paranormal activity is very likely. Guests will be given a lantern, then you’re pointed in a dark direction where you then go down an underground passageway. I can only imagine it’s something like out of a Blade movie, the original one where Blade goes into the warehouse party.

Kansas City isn’t the only place that will have the ghoulish vampire Halloween pop-up bar will open up. Witchita and a few other cities are on the list as well. So if you’re over 21 and looking for a ghoulishly good time this Halloween, check out their Halloween pop-up bar!

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