Edward Mordrake: The Man With Two Faces

Edward Mordrake: The Man With Two Faces

Imagine hearing someone talking that no else could hear, and no this isn’t  some kind of mental condition, the voice was actually coming from the BACK OF YOUR HEAD.

The worst part is the voice isn’t the kind of voice that whispers sweet nothings or encouragement. It’s the kind of voice that would whisper evil things to you, it would torment you all all hours of the day and night.

What would you?

Edward Mordrake was a 19 century English Noblemen that was born with wealth and privilege. But none that even matters when you have a head that you don’t want plastered to the back of your head.

Now some say that this story is made up while others say it’s real. Whichever way you choose to go, you can’t deny that this is still a rather odd story.  

Check out the video to hear the whole story by MULLET MIKE

Video Source- MULLET MIKE


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