A Creepy Look At One Of The Most Sadistic Women In History – Elizabeth Bathory


The Most Sadistic Woman In History

Elizabeth Bathory, also known as “The Blood Countess” was an evil women. The blood queen used to have a knack for taking baths with the blood of her servants. Imagine being a servant and then having to give up your life so this lady could take a bath? Some speculate she was a vampire, and that she needed the blood in order to stay alive. Others say she had an extreme obsession with staying young forever. She would try everything and anything to stay young no matter what the cost was.

Like all bad individuals, karma and time eventually got in her way. It was said she had over 650 servants killed in order to fill her blood lust during bath time. She would also drink the blood of the servants throughout the day. She holds the Guinness World Record for most kills by a woman. This isn’t the kind of record anyone would have. But her sadistic drive drove her mad beyond belief. Eventually her evil ways were put to rest.

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