Disney New Cartoon “Owl House” Introduces Kids To World Of Demons And Witchcraft

There’s been a lot of buzz around the Disney Channels new cartoon – The Owl House. It premiered on Friday, January 10th, and it introduced kids to the world of demons and witchcraft.

Wait what? Disney showing kids demons and witchcraft?

According to Disney, “ The series follows a young girl by the name of Luz, who discovers some kind of portal to another world where humans aren’t liked and witches and demons are the norm. Luz then finds a lady name “Eda the Owl Lady” who guides her through the realm of “Demon town”.  The whole premise is the owl lady shows Luz to use witchcraft in order to fight off the demons.

Just a Show Or Something More?

Now this is where the problem starts, many parents and critics alike don’t think this is a very good idea. There are many who think the show will make kids dive head first into the world of black magic and the occult. Some are saying that this is part of the New World Order and other conspiracy type theories. It does make you think a bit, I don’t think we would have ever thought Disney would have passed a show like this.

Just last month there was major controversy over a kid’s book. It was launched at various major stores and outlets about how to summon demons.  And now this show has come out and it has people in a major frenzy.

The only problem is that there are tons of various shows on television kids probably shouldn’t watch and do. So we say if you don’t want your kids to watch this show, simply shut off the TV and have them do something else.

What do you think about it?

Video Source Disney Channel

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