Friday the 13th The final Chapter

Everything Wrong With Friday The 13th

Everything Wrong With Friday The 13th 

Friday The 13th, Jason Comes To Life 

Now almost all of you have seen at least one Friday The 13th movie or have at least seen some of it. You know by know who Jason Vorhees is and you probably know his story. Most of us who watched this probably skipped camping or at least kept an eye out for a guy with hockey mask and a machete when we did. Now all the movies didn't take place on his home turf, some actually took Jason the New York and even in space. 

Now while most of the movies were long and drawn out, the first one was a classic, so there couldn't be anything wrong with it…. Or could there?

This video we found gives you interesting look at the movie and the story behind it and shows some pretty interesting inconsistencies. A lot of the things in the video are things that most of us probably wouldn't have caught if we hadn't seen it. 

Anyways, check out the video and see what you think! 

Everything Wrong With Friday The 13th The Movie


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