The New Candyman Trailer Is Out And It Looks Terrifyingly Good!


So today we finally get to take a look at the trailer for Jordan Peele’s upcoming reboot of the iconic horror movie “Candyman.” Jordan Peele’s other horror movies include Get Out and Us. Both movies took you on an odd journey of horror and suspense, and now he rebooted the 1992 classic.

Peele is the co-writer and producer of the anticipated reboot. Fans have been waiting for a while now for a trailer and it looks like today is the day. Horror fans of the iconic classic will be reminded how terrifying the Candyman actually is. He picks his victims by having them say his name.

The producers are promising that old fans and new ones alike will find common ground in the movie. It will be very exciting and rewarding for audiences who have seen the old movie and who haven’t as well. The film will dovetail in a complicated but interesting way to the original. The film is set to release in June 2020.

Video Source – Universal Pictures

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